My order is missing some items, where are they?

Since most Obutto orders contain multiple products (Accessories, etc.) and in some cases (Like the Obutto R3Volution) ship in multiple packages with the frame in one box and the seat in another, occasionally one item arrives prior to another via the shipping carrier. This is not abnormal.


In your tracking email, we clearly instruct customers that the tracking number provided to you is the MASTER TRACKING NUMBER.  This means that if your order contains multiple items being shipped, you'll only get one tracking number (The master) which when clicked and sent to the carriers website, allows you to track all associated shipments within that tracking number.


To view associated shipments, please scroll to the bottom of the tracking page, and expand the portion that shows associated shipment.  This will show what items have been delivered, and which ones are still in transit.  It's not abnormal for one package or more to arrive prior to others, especially since the items we ship are extremely heavy and require additional handling by the carrier.


See below for an example:



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