Will Main Performance PC sponsor me? Can I review one of your products?

While we certainly appreciate your interest in having us sponsor you or review our products, we get asked this question numerous times a day.  We typically don't sponsor YouTube, Twitch, sim racing leagues, race teams - etc simply because the return is really not there.  


The majority of our marketing budget is spent on Google Ads and occasionally, a review item.  For reviews we look into a number of aspects:


  • Subscribers/Views - We typically look for 1 million + subscribers.  And even then, it's carefully decided on.  

  • History of the channel - we tend to stay away from drama. :-)

  • Competing reviews - if you have reviewed a competitor, we're more likely to want to review with you.  We believe in the products we sell. We also do not send out product for free.  

  • Giving away our products for review and giving it to you for "free" dulls down the review. It gives the impression that the only reason the review is positive, is because you got the item for free.  That's not what we're about. There are exceptions, such as cases where the product is returned to us after the review. But it's really on a case-by-case basis. Asking for "free" stuff is a quick way to make us avoid you.

Contacting us is still OK - but please don't be offended if you don't hear back from us.  We've had a few people contact us and get very angry when we turn them down. 

We'd rather not deal with that sort of drama, so we tend to not fuel the fire.



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