SimPedal Calibration/Customization App & Firmware Updates

Posted: 6/17/2015

SimPedal App Download: SimPedal App Version 1.4

A new version of the app has been released - this version should correct the issue with the app crashing for unknown reasons. The latest Microsoft .NET Framework is still required.  You can download that here: Microsoft .NET Framework Install


Posted: 6/14/2015 - Pre Installed on pedals shipped after 6/14/2015

A new firmware has been released, as well as a new SimPedal App.  Firmware on SimPedals shipped after 6/14/2015 already have this firmware pre-installed. There is no need to update your firmware unless you see a newer version posted here.

Firmware Link: MPPCSimPedalFW1.4.2 - RIGHT CLICK - SAVE ASAll SimPedals shipped after 6/14/2015 have this updated firmware pre-installed.  There is no need to update to this firmware if you received your pedals after this date.


This firmware addresses a few issues with regards to switching of wheel modes when pressing the button on the circuit board. The update also adds in some anti aliasing to pedal movements, which makes a noticeable improvement to pedal position smoothness and reaction.


SimPedal App Download: SimPedal App Version 1.3


This update changes the calibration scenario to show raw data instead of percentages. We noted a few users who were confused about the percentage not showing 100% due to the nature of calibration. Since the potentiometers do not rotate a full 360 degrees, 100% movement is not possible. To prevent this confusion, the raw data is now displayed when in calibration mode. 

For customers who have accidentally click the "Enable Bootloader" button without a firmware update and your pedals are now stuck in bootloader mode, you can re-flash your pedals with the above firmware without issue.


Posted: 12/23/2014

No new firmware updates are available for SimPedals. When a Firmware Update is available, it will be posted here.

All SimPedals as of November 28th 2014 have shipped with Firmware 1.4.1 - Please do NOT update your firmware, unless the update provides a fix or improvement to an issue that you are experiencing.

Please DO NOT click Enable Bootloader within the Update tab in the SP App, without a valid Firmware File posted here.  Once in Bootloader Mode the pedals require a firmware file to flash the circuit board to bring it out of Bootloader Mode.  Please contact Technical Support at 877-677-2798 x7 for SimPedal Support if you have any issues.



Important information regarding software - Software distributed by Main Performance PC with or without the Main Performance PC brand (including, but not limited to System software) is not covered by our Warranty or Support Services. Use this software at your own risk. An up to date Microsoft .NET Framework is required for the application to function properly.  You may download that here: Microsoft .NET Framework Install


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