Why does there appear to be some rust on the inside of the tubing?

Occasionally, we have customers complaining of a fine "Dust" that appears rusty colored.  This is in fact rust, but it is not actually part of the tubing or metal of your cockpit.  


When Obutto manufactures, they cut the tubing and the metal dust from the cutting blade blows this fine dusting all over the metal - due to the high carbon content, it actually becomes quite magnetic, and is hard to remove. The outer coating of the metal is treated for rust prior to powder coating, but some of the "dust" remains - thus very difficult for them to remove, especially inside the tubing.  


This surface rust does not cause any issue with the cockpit at all.  Usually a rag dampened with oil or cooking spray that is run down into the tube will remove most of this rust without issue. Also, keep in mind, that while the cockpits are packaged quite well, when they are put onto an ocean vessel and spend upwards of 2-3 weeks on the open ocean, the salty ocean air accelerates this process dramatically. Once in our warehouse, and in your home - no further issues should occur.  


So please enjoy your cockpits for many years of gaming, and we hope this explanation into why you see this occasionally helps put you to ease. :-)

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