Hydraulic Brake Pedal Stiffness

We've had a few users contact us regarding how to adjust the "stiffness" of the hydraulic brake pedal. Unlike the load cell setup for SimPedals, the Hydraulic Brake is designed to be extremely realistic.  We worked with a number of contacts with real world NASCAR teams (One of the most dominant teams in NASCAR!) on the feel of our Hydraulic Braking System, and came to the current iteration of the hydraulic brake through feedback from them. A true race brake is quite different from what you may be used to. They are meant to be quite stiff and require more effort for braking force.


We've told customers that they may try backing off the pre-load from the bushings that we set prior to packaging.  Lessening this pre-load should give a slightly squishier feel, but it wont increase travel (At least not by much). Travel is not really what you are looking for in a race brake setup.  Most race car brakes are actually quite stiff. You can also increase travel by turning the rod that attaches to the pedal arm, though this method will create "Dead space" where the pedal will move more, but no pressure applied until the internal piston inside the master cylinder begins moving.  We take out this "dead space" during assembly, by bringing the brake arm farther into the piston shaft, allowing for immediate force when braking is applied.

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