Breaking the USB Port on the SimPedal Circuit Board

EDIT: 6/29/2015 - As of 6/1/2015 all SimPedals currently shipping are utilizing an updated circuit board with a different USB connector.  This new board is no different from previous versions, just has a different connector. 



We've had a few customers who have broken off the USB port on the circuit board by trying to incorrectly plug in the USB cable upside down, and forcing the cable into the connector the wrong way. We test each and every circuit board by hand prior to shipping, including the USB port for strength and flexing in Quality Control Testing. The cable should insert smoothly, and with little effort. Forcing it in will cause the USB port to rip the copper pads it sits on from the Printed Circuit Board itself, something that is quite difficult to do without using excessive force.

It is highly suggested that you be very careful when plugging in your USB cable so that you do not damage your new pedals shortly after arrival. Technically, this is not covered under warranty - so please take care when plugging in your new pedals!


As you can see in the image below, the USB port on the circuit board is extremely strong, the board bends even prior to the port "snapping off".


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