Why does Main Performance PC not sell outside of the US?

UPDATE: We now sell limited products internationally.  If you are unable to retrieve a shipping rate, we likely do not ship to your country/location.  This is based on a per product basis.



We certainly appreciate your interest in our products. This article we hope will better explain our position on why we only offer our products within the United States.

We use a web platform called BigCommerce - it's an extremely powerful eCommerce Platform that many online retailers (About 40,000 to be exact) use for online retail, in fact it's considered the top of it's class.  But like most things, it has it's limitations.

We also have an agreement with Obutto LTD that we only sell the Obutto Gaming Cockpits within the United States only.  

Here is the catch22 - if we open our site up to International orders, which we easily could do with the flip of a switch, we would instantly start accepting orders from territories that we are strictly not allowed to serve. We would have to then do the following:


  • Cancel the order
  • Refund the transaction (Costing us money each time)
  • Email the customer, explaining why their order was cancelled, and then deal with an angry/upset customer that could not purchase something from us.
  • Spend valuable resources/time filtering through these orders
  • Checking for fraudulent orders
  • Etc

While the answer to this problem may seem as simple as not allowing customers from outside of the United States to add the Obutto products to their cart, unfortunately the web platform we use does not have this functionality. It is all, or nothing.  We really wish it was that simple, and when that functionality arrives, we'll implement it and work toward other things required to make worldwide availability of our products a possibility.

Main Performance PC is also not yet in a position to provide support or even shipping services for our other products (Like our PC's, ButtKickers and SimPedals) around the globe.  A distribution network would help greatly with this, and we are actively reaching out to interested parties to carry our products. But for the time being, it's just not something we're prepared to handle. Customer service is everything to us, it's what has gotten us the stellar reputation that we have today. But we will not risk our reputation to increase our profit margins, that's not what we're about. We're perfectly aware that our sales would increase 3x-4x the amount they currently are if we provided our services and products worldwide.

We hope you understand our reasons why, and trust us - eventually we'll go global. But baby steps are the best steps, and that is the path we've chosen to take.


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