What does my order status mean?

We get this question a lot, so below is a break down of what the order statuses you may receive mean.


Awaiting Fulfillment - This means that your order is currently being pulled from the warehouse, or has been sent to the warehouse.  


Pending - This means that your order is currently pending because it is either a Pre-Order, or it is a computer system that must be built. An order can be in Pending status for extended periods.  No further information is required from you. No changes can be made, your order cannot be cancelled (Unless it is an Obutto Pre-Order).


Awaiting Shipment - Your order is packaged and waiting to be shipped. Your order cannot be cancelled, as it has already been pulled and staged for shipment and will be shipped momentarily. If your order was a Pre-Order item, our warehouse has received your packing list and will stage your order for shipment once available. This does NOT mean that your pre-order is shipping immediately. There may still be a delay. If you are a WillCall customer, you can ignore this status - it just means the warehouse now has your order list.


Partially Shipped - One or more items in your order are shipping separate from another.


Shipped/Complete - The order has been picked up and is in the shipping carriers possession.  


Awaiting Pickup - Your order is currently waiting to be picked up at our Auburn, WA warehouse for WillCall. For WillCall instructions - click here: WillCall Instructions


Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled for some reason.  Typical cancellations are due to the Billing/Shipping Addresses not matching up, or if an item in your order was mistakenly in-stock when it actually was not. We also cancel if there are any fraud alerts on the account when processing the order through our third party fraud system.


Refunded - Your order has been partially refunded, or refunded in full. Typical refunds take 2-3 business days. Depending on the type of refund (Partial or Full) your order status may quickly change to Cancelled or back to Awaiting Fulfillment.


Declined - Your order did not pass order processing and has been declined. We also screen every order for potential fraud, sometimes resulting in a decline.


Verification Required/Manual Verification Required - We need to contact you regarding an order discrepancy, address verification, order verification or for something else.  Your order will not ship until verification is complete. Your order (If paid by mailing us a check.) Will show this status while the check is waiting to be cleared by our bank.  Once cleared, your order status will change to Awaiting Shipment or Pending.

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