What utility software do we recommend?

The only utility software we recommend installing are security programs to protect against virus infections or scan for malware.
It is not recommended to install multiple anti-virus programs - they tend to conflict with each other.  Additionally, we do not recommend using full "Internet Security Suites" as tend to bog down the system and have an increased chance of interfering with a game or other application.
For firewall protection, we recommend using the operating system's firewall.
It is important that the latest service pack and supplemental security updates are applied through Windows Update.
For anti-virus and anti-malware, we recommend using Microsoft's Security Essentials anti-virus.
You can find more information or download the program at www.microsoft.com/security_essentials.
We advise against installing registry cleaners, uninstallers, software to manage the operating system, and similar utility programs. These types of utilities are typically unnecessary and can create problems such as instability and performance issues.  Keeping the operating system clean with fewer installed programs will provide better results than bogging it down with unneeded software.
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