Obutto R3Volution FAQ

Cockpit size & adjust-ability

  1. What are the dimensions of the cockpit?


  2. Can you mount the shifter mount and keyboard tray on either side?


  3. Is the cockpit strong enough to support larger or heavier guys?

    Yes, Obutto uses 2.3mm thick walled carbon steel tubing throughout the cockpit, along with a real car sports seat. We have many customers that are over 300lbs and 6ft 5in tall. There is no listed weight limit, but sub 400lbs should be fine.

Pedal tray

  1. Is the pedal tray position adjustable?

    Yes, it can be adjusted for height, angle & distance. Approx: 20cm fore & aft adjustment.

  2. Do CST pedals fit?

    Yes, but some pedals may take some modifying of the brackets. MPPC Sells brackets for CST pedals found here: https://www.mainperformancepc.com/categories/products/simpedal-accessories/


Monitor stand

  1. How far away is the monitor?

    The monitor stand on the r3volution is free standing so you can position it as close to you as you desire, or as far away. Also, the main VESA mount is on a fully articulating arm so the user can even pull the monitor even closer without having to move the stand.

  2. Is the new VESA monitor stand compatible with the older design cockpit?

    Yes, it can be used with the Obutto oZone, or any cockpit, as it is stand-alone.

  3. Can the monitor stand hold a 32" TV/monitor?

    Yes it can support the weight, but the VESA bolt pattern on your 32" TV may differ from our pre-drilled bolt patterns on the mount. It is an easy mod though to make an adaptor plate to bolt to our monitor mount. Most monitors have the standard VESA bolt patterns 75x75mm, 100x100mm, or 200x100mm.

    While the larger TV's usually have larger bolt patterns. We have some customers mounting 50”+ TV's to their r3v monitor stand, using some flat wall mounts purchased elsewhere.

  4. Why does my monitor stand seem to be missing the tightening knobs shown in pictures on your site?

    Obutto has changed the design of the single monitor stand slightly, these tightening knobs are no longer required and have been removed completely.

  5. Can I order the Obutto R3Volution Cockpit without the monitor stand?

    No, you cannot order the Obutto R3Volution without the monitor stand as it is part of the packaging.  We do sell the monitor stand separately on our website, but that is packaged separate for that specific reason.  All Obutto R3Volutions are packaged with the monitor stand included.

Triple monitor stand

  1. What is the largest size monitors I can fit?

    The stand is made for and tested up to 32 inch monitors. These are direct bolt on as long as your VESA bolt pattern is 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, or 200mm x 100mm. If you wanted to use larger monitors it could be done with some modification on the users end, and will definitely restrict the amount of angle you have on the side monitors. *Please note, if you have larger bezels on your monitors, it may slightly restrict the amount of angle of the side monitors. Best guess would be any 32" side monitors would still get you a 40deg angle*

  2. Are the side monitors angles fully adjustable?

    Yes, the r3v triple mount arms are fully articulating so you can have as much or as little angle with the side monitors.

Steering wheel mount

  1. Is the steering wheel mount adjustable?

    Yes, it is height and distance adjustable as well as tilting. The Obutto cockpit is one of the few that actually allows a proper race driving seating position, see this page for a proper race driving seating position.

  2. Which steering wheels fit on the cockpit?

    Any steering wheel that clamps to a desk, or can be hard mounted, will fit the Obutto R3Volution cockpit. Keep in mind though our main mount is only pre-drilled for the major brands such as Logitech G25/27, Thrustmaster T500RS, Fanatec 911, Clubsport CSR. If you use the more expensive brands then you would need to drill the needed bolt pattern.

Shifter mount

  1. Is the shifter mount adjustable?

    Yes, you can raise the shifter mount and/or adjust its distance.

  2. What shifters fit on your shifter mount?

    Most if not all as long as they can clamp on a desk or can be hard mounted. Fanatec's shifter's are a bit of a hassle though since they do not make them to clamp on a desk, or to be hard mounted. For hard mounting shifters you will need to drill your own holes.

Shipping info

  1. Why are the shipping costs so high?

    Since the Obutto cockpits use a real car sports seat, and a very robust frame design, the boxes are quite large and heavy. If you have ever shipped a car seat to someone you will understand. The r3volution cockpit comes in 2 boxes, one holding just the seat, and one holding the frame. Total shipping weight is 150+ LBS

    Dimensions are:

    Frame Box - 34"Length x 31"Wide x 12.5" Tall @ 125lbs

    Seat Box - 54"Length x 22"Wide x 12"Tall @ 50lbs

  2. What does the Obutto R3Volution Base Cockpit come with?

    Real car sports seat with a slight tilt for comfort

    Very stable steel frame with 2mm thick walled tubing

    Fully articulating keyboard & mouse tray for optimal positioning

    Includes a self-adhesive mouse pad material for covering all of keyboard & mouse tray, wheel deck mount, and pedal tray.

    Separate monitor stand with single monitor mount to accommodate any size monitors from 19" to 55" Main monitor mount has fully articulating arm with approx.

    25cm of travel Foot or pedal tray with angle & over 20cm of distance adjust-ability

    Tall shifter mount to accommodate major H-pattern shifters (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Etc - FANATEC Shifters require hard mounting.)

    Steering wheel mount is pre-drilled for major controllers (Logitech G25/27, Thrustmaster T500 RS, Fanatec 911 & CSR wheels)

    Steering wheel mount is pre-drilled with 75x75 & 100x100 VESA bolt patterns so displays can be mounted instead of controllers (For flight sim users)

    Steering wheel mount is height, distance and tilt adjustable

    Includes a 1.5mm thick self-adhesive neoprene for steering wheel mount & pedal tray (this softens the interface between the controllers and the steel mount, making it more comfortable, and allowing your devices to remain in pristine condition)

    Hidden wire management inside the spine of the cockpit.

    All required assembly Tools & Hardware. (Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Instructions, Wrench, Allen Keys.)

    Cup Holder - Hold your favorite brew or refreshment for those long gaming sessions.

  • Do you ship outside of the US?

    We are the US distributor, we cannot ship outside of the US per our distribution agreement. Please check www.Obutto.com to find the distributor nearest you. If you are in South America, you can arrange to purchase from our site with a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder will order your item for you, and forward it to your location for an additional fee. We do not provide freight forwarder recommendations unfortunately.

  • Is Will-Call Pickup available?

    Will-Call pickup is available in Auburn, WA from 8am till 4pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday only. A valid state issued ID is required along with your printed invoice. There is no fee for Will Call other then our standard Order Handling fee that is present for all orders. This option will appear only for residents with a bill to/ship to in Washington, Oregon, and Canada.

  • Is the Obutto cockpit available for purchase without the seat? Can I customize what I want with the cockpit if I do not need any of the included items?

    No, we must sell the products we acquire as packaged and advertised. We cannot remove or customize your purchase of a product. What it comes with is exactly what you will get.

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  • How come Universal Flight stick/throttle mount Is not listed?

  • Hi Timothy,

    We really don't get many questions regarding the flight stick as it's pretty straight forward. If you have a question you can always submit it to us from the top of this page where it says Submit A Request. We would be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Is the structure sturdy enough to support direct drive wheels?

  • The brackets on the monitor stand have been removed that you need to attach the triple monitor kit. How are you supposed to attach the triple monitor arms to the stand without the brackets?

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