What adapters work with Eyefinity/Surround?

The following list consists of adapters that we use and trust at Main Performance PC.

Please note - for 120Hz or 144Hz screens, you MUST use an Active & Powered adapter. 

Typically, AMD Cards use Mini-Displayport to DVI Adapters, and NVidia Cards use DisplayPort to DVI Adapters. This does vary though so it is best to read up on information found regarding your video card.  You can also learn more here: Different Display Outputs

For further information on setting up your triple screens - head here: Video Card Help

For 60Hz Screens and those requiring MiniDisplayport connection:

For 60Hz Screens and those requiring Displayport connection:

For 120Hz/144Hz Screens and those requiring Displayport or MiniDisplayport connection:

Accell UltraAV DisplayPort M + USB M to Dual Link DVI-D F Adapter

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